Not a problem.

Firstly, from Magento 1.9 onwards, they removed the “Category Thumbnail” feature from category panels.

You can bring those back using this swift guide (from

Go into phpmyadmin and run the following query (make sure to back up your db first).

Note: If this gives an error about duplicate key, you’ve probably already created an attribute with that value. Increase the ID of 140 to something greater (I used 240).

INSERT INTO `eav_attribute` (`attribute_id`, `entity_type_id`, `attribute_code`, 
`attribute_model`, `backend_model`, `backend_type`, `backend_table`, `frontend_model`, 
`frontend_input`, `frontend_label`, `frontend_class`, `source_model`, `is_required`, 
`is_user_defined`, `default_value`, `is_unique`, `note`) VALUES(140, 3, 'thumbnail', NULL, 
 'catalog/category_attribute_backend_image', 'varchar', NULL, NULL, 'image', 'Thumbnail
 Image', NULL, NULL, 0, 0, NULL, 0, NULL);

Now run these ones (watch the ID!):

INSERT INTO `catalog_eav_attribute` (`attribute_id`, `frontend_input_renderer`, 
`is_global`, `is_visible`, `is_searchable`, `is_filterable`, `is_comparable`, 
`is_visible_on_front`, `is_html_allowed_on_front`, `is_used_for_price_rules`, 
`is_filterable_in_search`, `used_in_product_listing`, `used_for_sort_by`, 
`is_configurable`, `apply_to`, `is_visible_in_advanced_search`, `position`, 
`is_wysiwyg_enabled`, `is_used_for_promo_rules`) VALUES 
 (140, NULL, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, NULL, 0, 0, 0, 0);
INSERT INTO `eav_entity_attribute` (`entity_attribute_id`, `entity_type_id`,  
`attribute_set_id`, `attribute_group_id`, `attribute_id`, `sort_order`) 
VALUES (337, 3, 3, 4, 140, 3);

Now, I’ve researched many ways to include thumbnails in the menu, many of them involved hacking the core (NOT recommended). However, a quick fix meant adding the following code worked with a category loop.

<?php if ($image = $_category->getThumbnail()): ?>
	<?php $imageUrl = Mage::getBaseUrl('media').'catalog/category/'.$image; ?>
<?php else: ?>
	<?php $imageUrl = Mage::getBaseUrl('media').'catalog/category/noimage.png'; ?>
<?php endif; ?>	

Again, there will be better ways to do this, but I found this offered a quick fix.