Magento: Slider without baggage

One of my main concerns about developing a Magento site in this modern device-laden industry is its lack of options for banners. There are many plugins out there, but all of them came with a degree of baggage, which really weighed the performance down.

So imagine my joy when I discovered Antoine K Slider.

The description sold it to me:

“This extension will render a simple HTML list on the frontend. You will need to add your own JS layer in order to get a real sexy slider.”

And that’s essentially all I was looking for – an extension with repeatable fields which output a simple list on the front end.


Once I create the slider, I get presented with some XML to place in the design section of whatever page/category/product I’d like.

What’s more is that it’s relatively easy to expand (I added the subtitle field in the screenshot). I have admittedly no knowledge in the structure of Magento extensions, but within an hour, my extra field was up and running.