Simple Configurable Products 404 Error

So because Magento V1 is horrible at handling Configurable Products, a lot of us are forced to use the prodigal SCP Extension (Simple Configurable Products) which, much like the Ryugyong Hotel, just stopped being supported. Thankfully, a lot of the features still work, but there are some issues which have been fixed by the community.

One such issue is one I’ve encountered when I tried adding a quantity of product which exceeded the availability. Because the simple product isn’t visible in the store (it’s hidden because it’s associated with the configurable product), you’re taken to a 404 page. As far as Magento is concerned, the product doesn’t exist.

After weeks of fudging this (using plugins to cover it up basically), someone posted a fix on the plugins github:

The exact fix is here.

Basically, all you need to do is append some code onto a couple of the plugin files and the plugin now redirects to the configurable product and NOT the out of stock hidden simple product.

SCP – The category page doesn’t show a “Price From” label!

So I’ve been using the rather crazy Simple Configurable Products by Organic Internet – it’s world famous. I’m sure if you’re a Magento developer, you’d probably have heard of it.

Over the weekend, a client which relies on configurable products complained about products just showing the Final Price and not the Smallest Price. I should have really twigged by then, but alas I took the complete wrong route to working it out.

Anyway, long story short, it was because the Associated Products were outputting in the wrong order, hence Final Price taking priority over the Smallest Price.


What did I do to fix it? Simple. I un-associated and re-associated the products in the correct order and BAM… the correct prices started showing again.

Why did this happen though? I honestly don’t know. I did import the products initially using the Magmi utility and may have imported them in the incorrect order.

Either way it’s pretty much fixed. Thankfully.